25 AprVersatile Polo Dress Designs That Are Classic And Effortless Year Round!

Pink Floral Bohemian Holiday Maxi Dress

Pink Floral Bohemian Holiday Maxi Dress

If you love the classic and preppy style of a polo dress, then this list of versatile polo dress designs will keep you satisfied and stylish by just slipping on of these options on! Minimal effort and limitless style!

The Fred Perry Mandarin Collar dress for $97.92, may seem a touch pricey, but this fabulous dress will go for seasons before wearing itself out. This short sleeve dress features a fashionable mandarin collar with an embroidered logo at the chest. The slip on style makes this dress easy to slip on over your head. The v-neck is conservative, yet shows off your collarbone for subtle sex appeal. The mid-thigh hem is wearable through fall, spring, and summer without making your look dated. A fabulous buy that you will love to throw on for those lazy days that won’t stop you from looking stylish!

The Mossimo Button Dress in ebony is a great buy at only $10.48. This dress is manufactured in 100% cotton blend with a basic design and amazing fit. This dress will be so much fun to wear while running errands as well as gardening in the backyard. This dress features highlights a comfortable jersey knit material that will cling to your body to produce a comfortable fit that will keep up with you while you run errands in the sunny weather. At such a fabulous price, how can you deny yourself this thrifty purchase?

For a high end design that is suitable for the office, pick up the Burberry Brit Pique dress for $150.00. This dress is made in a unique cotton and elastane blended material that will hang beautifully and will also provide a great formal look on an otherwise casual design. This casual stretch cotton is finely knit to produce a dressed up dress that will be fabulous for the office. In the fall months, pair this dress with your favorite pumps and a pair of opaque tights for a fashionable look that is a throwback to a schoolgirl look. You will love to wear this dress for those effortless days where you are rushing to make it on time and you don’t have time to fuss with what you are wearing.

For a great dress that will keep you looking fabulous as you exercise, pick up the Athleta Baseline dress for $29.99. This dress is made of a unique Meryl Micro Nylon Pique dress that will wick moisture away and hug your curves. This dress features a tie-closure wrap design that will look great on you and keep you performing at your best. The rib knit collar,’ neck, and armholes, lend a streetwear inspired look that will keep this dress from looking too much like workout wear.

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19 AprConsider A Shirt Dress As The Cutest Summer Outfit

Black Printed Distressed T-Shirt Dress

Black Printed Distressed T-Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are easy, they are for a casual encounter, for a date during the day, a fun time with friends, or just a lonely time in the summer park. A shirt dress is a very fashionable choice, and they are plain and simple, not to forget they are chic! They have this very university look, a kind of contemporary mish mash. Shirt dresses suggest that the person must have come out from the lyrics of a song from the 70s. Above all, shirt dresses are the best when it comes to summer season, because it just looks cute and very adorable.

The first thing that you should do is to find the right shirt dress for your figure, and here are some tips for that:

For Broad Shoulders – Go for nipped waist and volume below in order to balance it out. Try basic sleeves or you could go for sleeveless which breaks up the shoulder and helps to downplay width up top which makes the frame look less wide.

For Large Bust – You could simply go for a V-neck which would be the most flattering. Try choosing cotton, linen, or silk as they are less likely to leave gaps between buttons than something that is stretchy.

For Full Hips – Try an A-line dress in cotton as this will give a forgiving fit below. You could also opt for styles with buttons that stop at the waist in order to prevent pulling across the hips. Choose a defined waist so that it nips you in the middle. Always, knee length hems!

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31 MarThe Stylish Elegance Of An Evening Dress

Pink Bardot Lace Fishtail Maxi Dress

Pink Bardot Lace Fishtail Maxi Dress

A Stylish Evening Dress is a perfect choice for formal and informal occasions for garnering the attention of everybody. An evening dress looks extremely elegant and makes the person stand out in a crowd. It also adds to the personality of the wearer by increasing the oomph factor and the hotness quotient. If chosen properly, an Evening Dress can hardly go wrong.

While Choosing An Evening Dress, The Following Things Have To Be Taken Care Of:

One has to be sure of actually being able to carry an evening dress. Not everyone has the confidence to carry an Evening Dress with grace.
Choose the particular style of the dress which enhances your assets. You can go for deep and revealing necklines that look extremely hot.
If you have an apple shaped body, pick a dress that does not have too much work done on it as that will add to your size. Go for a relatively simple long dress which is good for concealing flab.
If a person is slightly heavy around the stomach area, it is not advisable to pick a dress that has a belt at the waist as it will only accentuate the problem area.
If you have a strawberry shaped body, go for V necklines which will keep the attention away from the shoulders.
People with a pear shaped body, can pick dresses which have some work done at the waist to create a sense of balance in the overall appearance.
Care should be given while deciding on the color of the dress. Fair skinned people can go for almost all colors except dull colors as those can make the person look pale. Bright colors sometimes do not suit people with tinted complexions.
For formal occasions, it is not advisable to wear dresses of very bright colors. Black and darker colors are best suited for formal evening occasions.
For informal occasions, all kinds of bright colors can be picked.
The color white is also a good option for evening gowns as it looks very elegant and classy. A sleeveless halter white dress can be safely picked for both formal and informal evening occasions.
Backless evening gowns or dresses are always in fashion and are a great way to flaunt a perfect back.
For the latest in cuts and colors in evening dresses one can check out the dresses worn by celebrities at social gatherings and award functions. But blindly following the dressing styles of the celebrities can backfire because, in most cases, celebrities have perfectly chiseled bodies and so look great in all dresses. In any case, it’s always better to wear evening gowns that suits one, rather than what is considered trendy and fashionable.
So for your next occasion try and pick up a stylish evening dress for yourself and enjoy the attention. But do not forget to accessorize your dress with proper accessories such as a nice clutch, a pair of high heeled sandals, danglers and a bracelet to add to the look.

15 MarHow To Buy Plus Size Lingerie

White Plus Size Lace Trim Robe with Thong

White Plus Size Lace Trim Robe with Thong

Shopping for plus size lingerie can be quite embarrassing. Let alone buying plus size, shopping for lingerie, in itself, can be an embarrassing experience for a majority of people. That is why most of the people prefer to shop for lingerie online. And to add to the benefits of the people, online stores have also made plus size lingerie readily available in a number of stores. Through these online stores you can easily find any styles and designs of any size easily. Following are some tips that will be helpful in buying plus size lingerie from lingerie online stores:

1) If you find an online store where you get plus-size lingerie but the items have been priced more than the normal sized lingerie then, leave the site. Whenever you browse an online shopping site, first of all you need to ensure that the benefit size lingerie doesn’t cost more than the standard lingerie.
2) Whenever you choose for a lingerie, make sure that the item you pick is exciting than the usual items. Many a buyers often tend to make a mild and generic purchase if they are buying it for the first time. This however will not benefit you in any way. So the best thing is to look out for gain size or advantage size teddies or camisoles. If you wish to experiment then you can try out the stuff in sheer fabric.
3) Check out those online stores that offers you with a good selection of advantage size lingerie. Most of the lingerie stores carry a few pieces of gain size just for name sake. So the best way is to find locate an online store that offers you with a wide range of advantage size lingerie. If you are lucky enough to hit on to one such online store then you can have a good beginning to a wonderful shopping experience.

Look out for ways to save your money. You will find a number of online stores that offers you with cheap lingerie. You will even find the most popular style in such cheap lingerie online stores. Ranging from silk under-wears to push up bras to corsets to teddies, you will find a wide range of selections to choose from. Shopping online will not only save your time but will also contribute in saving a major part of your budget if you know how to shop right and how to make the best deal online. You will also find appealing packages of lingerie that includes style, comfort and soft textures which will appeal to the desire of every women.
ook out for ways to save your money. You will find a number of online stores that offers you with cheap lingerie. You will even find the most popular style in such cheap lingerie online stores. Ranging from silk under-wears to push up bras to corsets to teddies, you will find a wide range of selections to choose from. Shopping online will not only save your time but will also contribute in saving a major part of your budget if you know how to shop right and how to make the best deal online.

02 MarWhy So Many Stars Are Wearing Blue Ribbons on the Oscars Red Carpet

And the first political statement of the 2017 Academy Awards is here: Nominee Ruth Negga, along with some other high-profile attendees, walked the Oscars red carpet with blue ribbons pinned to their clothing, a symbol that they stand with the ACLU.

Negga, who’s nominated for Best Actress for her work in Loving, hit the carpet in a custom red Valentino gown featuring delicate lace details and long sleeves. Her stylist, Karla Welch, told The Hollywood Reporter prior to the awards ceremony that they were going for a “pagan goddess” look. “There’s a quietness to the look, but it’s major,” Welch said.

Still, Negga’s accessories made a loud statement—the blue ribbon is part of the American Civil Liberties Union’s new “Stand With ACLU” initiative, launched earlier this week. According to THR, “the campaign encourages Hollywood stars to wear a Stand with ACLU blue ribbon as a symbol of solidarity with the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, which has worked for nearly 100 years to defend and protect individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and law of the U.S.”

Support for the ACLU has increased in recent weeks in the wake of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. (The organization raised more than $24 million the weekend following Trump’s now-blocked executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven countries.)

Worth noting: The ACLU played a key role in Loving. The film, which is based on a true events, tells the story of an interracial couple who were arrested and kicked out of Virginia in 1958. The ACLU took up their case, which eventually went to the Supreme Court and resulted in the end of miscegenation laws in the United States.

Other stars, including “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel Miranda and supermodel [Karlie Kloss, have already been spotted with the ACLU ribbons on the Oscars carpet. Best Actor nominee Casey Affleck also rocked it sat the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and actress Sarah Paulson used her acceptance speech at this year’s SAG Awards to encourage donations to the organization. “Any money you have to spare, please donate to the ACLU,” Paulson said on stage. “It’s a vital organization that relies entirely on our support.”

Article source: www.glamour.com/fashion


15 FebImprove Confidence With Plus Size Lingerie

Sexy Rosy Plus Size Lacy Connection Bralette Set

Sexy Rosy Plus Size Lacy Connection Bralette Set

If someone thinks that normal lingerie and plus size lingerie is the same, then that is not true at all. You may get similar designs and materials for lingerie but the construction is not the same. Plus size lingerie need a lot better construction as they need to give more support. Bigger women are conscious about their bust as they never seem to find the right lingerie that can support them. That is why many women are choosing to go online for plus size lingerie. Not only do they have a much bigger collection, there are many styles and designs to choose from as well. The plus sized community is heaving a sigh of relief at the advent of online shopping. They not only find the largest collection of lingerie and plus size clothing in Australia, they also get the liberty to shop discreetly.

Although the support provided by the undergarments is important, what is important is that now style and sensuality have also entered the realm of plus size lingerie. Online plus size lingerie shops harbor a host of different styles that are inspired by their skinny versions but built for the bigger women. One has to admit that what works for a thinner frame might not work for a fuller frame. The idea is to create a style that will feel comfortable to wear as well as accentuate the best features of the wearer. Even plus size clothing in Australia is designed along the same concept. There has to be certain tweaks that need to be made here and there to ensure the most flattering fit.

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17 JanMake Your Prom Night Special By Having A Best Prom Dress

dropshipping dress, dress dropship

Gorgeous One Shoulder Maxi Prom Dress

The plus size prom dress is created to reduce the accessories and to exhibit the grace and the beauty of the shimmering and flowing fabric. The accomplished fit and the quality of the material is flattering and brings out the beauty in you.

The fashion technology will cater the people with distinct body frames. It is the day of past of the plus sized people to entirely depend on the good cuts and on the tailors. According to the varying demands that are on the ready made industry its apparel line is equipped well in order to follow the trends that will be changing world wide. The functioning of this industry is been enhanced with the revolution of the internet.

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06 JanHow to Look Great in a Mini Sheer Bikini

Dark Multicolor Geometric Print Cut out High Waist Swimsuit

Dark Multicolor Geometric Print Cut out High Waist Swimsuit

It is easy to look good in a micro mini sheer bikini, whether you are on or off the beach. As long as you remember how to take care of your bikini and how to tastefully wear it, youll always show class and style in your micro mini sheer bikini.

First of all, to keep your micro mini sheer bikini looking really good for as long as possible, try to always rinse it out in the sink after wearing it. Sun, sand, salt, and sweat are destroyers of fine bikinis, and a simple quick soak or rinse can dramatically improve the length of your suits life. When you need to wash your mini bikini, use regular liquid laundry detergent, and gently agitate the water with only your hands. Rinse well, and hang your micro mini sheer bikini to dry.

When you are out at the pool or spending a day at the beach, or even an afternoon out on the sand for some beach volleyball, always remember to wear your sunblock. The micro mini sheer bikini is fantastic for sunbathing, and the strings allow flexibility in deciding which of your body parts get tanned and which stay under fabric. Make absolutely sure that you put sunblock on under the strings of your micro mini sheer bikini too, and reapply often as needed. The strings on your swimsuit can slide around, leaving previously covered areas exposed and causing painful string line sunburns. Not only are the string line burns painful, but they dont look very classy, either!

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24 NovAmerican Music Awards 2016: The Meaning Behind Lady Gaga’s Suit

Lady Gaga arrives for the 2016 American Music Awards, November 20, 2016 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. / AFP / Valerie Macon (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

At the 2016 American Music Awards, songbird Lady Gaga wore a pantsuit that perhaps was a homage to her unofficial pantsuit-wearing hero, Hillary Clinton. Wonder if she’s one of the millions of women who are a part of Pantsuit Nation.

During the American Music Awards, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet in a chic white pantsuit that she paired with a dramatic, wide-brimmed white hat. The oversized hat, as many Monsters will recall, is a look Gaga has been rocking since her album Joannedropped in October. But her white pantsuit was a subtle and unmistakable fashion statement of its own that honors Hillary Clinton, the 2016 election, and suffragists.

Gaga’s outfit was a more bold version of Clinton’s DNC pantsuit, which was a nod tosuffragists who used the color to represent their cause. On election day, Clinton voters showed support for their candidate by wearing white (and pantsuits) to the polls, in turn honoring the first female to represent a major party in a presidential election. (Gaga donned an apropos white look to vote.)

The singer has been a very vocal supporter of Clinton’s, speaking at the Democratic nominee’s rallies prior to the election and even taking to the streets on November 8th to protest Donald Trump’s win. And though she didn’t wear a pantsuit on stage for her performance, we’re still thinking she literally gave Hillary Clinton a hat tip on the red carpet.

Article source: http://www.glamour.com/fashion



11 NovEnjoy Head To Toe Fashion With A Sensational Bodystocking

Black Lace Sheer Hollow Out Fishnet Body Stocking

Black Lace Sheer Hollow Out Fishnet Body Stocking

It is a wonderful boost to your self confidence when your clothes fit perfectly; wearing a luxurious bodystocking is one way to accomplish this look. This is one piece of women’s lingerie that is definitely benefits those occasions when you want to accent the sleek, smooth curves of a body-hugging dress. But bodystockings have another side to them that can work wonders for your private time romantic activities. A bodystocking is type of foundation lingerie, similar in design and structure to a catsuit; also known as a leotard. Available in lace, fishnet, sheer. etc. Garments such Opaque body stockings with spaghetti straps offer a high degree of functionality, along with sheer sexiness is design.

Bodystockings come in range of styles from long leg style to short leg style. In fact some women’s lingerie bodystockings are available in long, short, or no sleeves styles. You will be pleasantly surprised with the range of bodystocking available in the market today. Once considered just a standard womens lingerie garment, body stockings of today have taken on the status of truly functional and sexy lingerie accessory… The designs of body stocking are an extension of hosiery and pantyhose. There are similar patterns such as lace, fishnet and vertical stripes, but when seen from this perspective of women’s lingerie; the impact of full body coverage with these designs is stunning. Bodystockings are one of the most versatile pieces of women’s lingerie you can wear at home, for social occasions or business wear.

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